Covenant Farms  is proud to be a part of the Larimer Dairy Project Lease-A-Dairy program.  The program offers 4-H members a chance to learn about dairy cattle in a hands on way even if they don't live on a farm.

The Lease A Dairy program provides kids that don't live on farms the chance to interact and learn about raising dairy cattle.  Depending on the sponsor, kids can learn proper feeding, grooming, halter breaking, showmanship, anatomy and how the dairy industry is run.  To learn more about the Larimer County Lease A Dairy project, please visit their How to Join page

Progressive Dairyman, June 2017 - A great article on the Larimer County Lease A Dairy program.  >Read More

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Lease A Dairy 4-H program


Working in cooperation with the Larimer County Dairy Project and a proud sponsor of the Dairy Show at the Larimer County Fair.