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Why Grass Raised and Finished Beef?

  • Lower in Saturated Fats

  • High in Omega-6s

  • High in CLA

  • Grain Free

  • No Vaccinations / No Hormones

  • Rich, flavorful, naturally marbled meat

  • Natural Environment – pastured with no chemical fertilizers

  • Raised to improve the environment with no destructive, over-grazing of the land

  • Daily human contact for low-stress on the animals

We are taking reservations NOW for 2019 bulk grass-raised / grass-finished beef - 1/4, 1/2 and whole animals.  Please inquire via the contact page if you are interested in pricing or making a deposit.  We also offer per lb. pricing on our steaks, ground beef, bones and other cuts (while supplies last)! 
Bulk beef pricing:  $6.50/lb (hanging weight) - INCLUDES butcher fees with standard butcher cuts

Grass Raised Beef

Grass Raised Beef