Cow Cuddling & Farm Tour (all year): $25/30min person

30 minutes for 2 $40

​30 minutes for 4 $75

Farm Tours: 5 and under Free, 6-18 $5, Adults $10

Meet the cows in the pasture, pet the chickens and visit the ducks.  Learn about homestead farming on our working farm.  You can also meet the calves in late spring and summer and milk a cow.

Cooking on the Farm: $15/person, Max 4 per class

Make your own butter or cheese and learn about all the other products that can be made from a gallon of milk and 4 other household ingredients.

School Field Trips/Homeschoolers:

Please contact us so we can schedule your Farm Experience to meet your specific needs.

Covenant Farms Cattle

Cow Cuddling with Mini Jerseys

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Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys

Originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey, the Jersey breed is best known for the high butterfat content of the milk and the natural marbling and tenderness of the meat.

The popularity of miniature jersey cattle is now on the rise with their calm and docile, inquisitive nature, lovely colors and features, and compatibility ease with small acerage homestead and family farms.

Typical miniatures are between 36-46 inches (90-120 cm) in height (cow and bulls), and weigh approximately 800-1200 lbs.  

Jerseys come in all shades of brown, from light tan to almost black.  They are frequently fawn in color and can also be "painted" - brown/tan and white.  All purebred Jerseys have a lighter band across their muzzle, a dark switch (long hair on the end of the tail), and black hooves.