Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys

Cow Cuddling & Farm Therapy (Seasonal):
Hands on - pet and brush the cows, hold and cuddle the chickens or bunnies, etc. We LOVE special requests for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc!
30 minutes for individual ... $25 (suggested donation)
30 minutes for couple ........ $40 (suggested donation)
30 minutes for group ......... $75 (suggested donation)
*group max is 6

Fun on the Farm (Seasonal)

Meet the cows in the pasture, feed the chickens and bunny, visit the ducks... Learn about how and why we do things on our farm like we do! Meet the calves in late Spring / early Summer and milk a cow (Summer - Fall)

Ages 5 and under:  FREE
Ages 6 - 17:            $5 (suggested donation)
Adults:                    $10 (suggested donation)

Fun on the Farm - Milk 101 (seasonal):

Learn about raw milk and how to make butter and simple, fresh cheeses, yogurt and other products.  Kid and family fun class!

Fun on the Farm for Kids - Eggs 101 (seasonal):
Learn about the wonderful world of eggs.  Green eggs?  Why YES! and other fun facts!  Kid and family fun class!

FEE FOR CLASSES (covers the cost of materials):
$15 per person (MAX 6 per class)

*Discount for Home-schoolers / Teachers / Special Groups - Please contact us so we can schedule your Farm Experience to meet your specific needs.

Cow Cuddling with Mini Jerseys

Schedule your Cow Cuddling Farm Fun Day or Cooking Class Today!

The human-animal bond is extraordinary...  Animals have a way of improving the physical, social and emotional health and well-being of us humans with just a touch.  They are the "safe place" we find when we need an antidote for loneliness, need to recharge, lower stress, exercise, and laugh.  In our increasingly disconnected world, where screens are our primary view, animals still offer us a way to "unplug" and engage in a way that brings hearts back to life.  Here on our farm, we are passionate about our animals and the joy they bring, both to us and to our farm family visitors...  Spending time with the cows, chickens, cats, rabbits, dogs and horses is a wonderful way to contribute to our overall wellness - there is something there that offers acceptance, delight, instant friendship and comfort.   If you have always wanted to just "be" in the presence of cows, chickens, bunnies, or a variety of other farm critters, this is the place!  Come pet, brush and love on the cows... settle in a corner with a bunny or hold and pet the chickens..  Come experience a bit of our daily farm blessings and find your heart...