Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys

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Miniature Jerseys

August 2016 - Larimer County Fair 4-H Dairy Show

Covenant Farms is proud to be a sponsor the Lease A Dairy program in Larimer County.  We have 3 members of the Bits N Pieces 4-H Club show off our wonderful Mini Jerseys.  This year we were also able to show off our new Mobile Milker to guests of the fair.

We are proud to say that we have a Champion Novelty Breed Dairy Cow with Daisy Mae, Champion Novelty Breed Dairy Heifer with Dulce & Champion Other Breeds Dairy Heifer with Autumn.

Covenant Farms Lease A Dairy
Covenant Farms Lease A Dairy

May 2017 - Little American Royal Livestock Show

This year Covenant Farms brought three of its best Mini Jersey's to the Livestock show.  Our Lease A Dairy members showed Sweet Pea, Daisy and Breeze in the showmanship class.

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Covenant Farms 4-H tour

January 2015 - Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys welcomes the

Bits-N-Pieces 4-H Club

The Bits-N-Pieces Club of Ft. Collins came out for a hands-on tour of the farm recently.  About 20 members of the club, along with parents and siblings, were introduced to how a homestead farm operates, the different philosophies of organic animal care and small dairy miking versus larger commercial dairies, what CSA shares are and how they work, and how we use rotational grazing for the pasture and animal health.

The kids got a chance to try hand-milking the cows and were introduced to the mini-herd.  They also hunted for eggs in the nest boxes and chicken yard.

We were thrilled to have the kids here and invite them back anytime!

Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys

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