Covenant Farms Miniature Jerseys

Covenant Farms

Miniature Jerseys

Please call or email for
payment options

  • Offered Spring-Fall (ask about our winter program)
  • Please send us an email to sign up
  • $50/month for 1 gallon a week
  • Perfect for drinking, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, butter and more

Milk shares now available!

Raw Milk Shares from Grass-Fed Jersey Cows.  NO GRAIN, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS and tested Monthly for safety.

Covenant Farms Ltd. has expanded our herd and we now have more raw milk shares available!

We are offering raw cow's milk shares from our wonderful Mini Jersey Cows.  Our antibiotic and hormone free milk can be enjoyed raw, or you can pasteurize it in your own kitchen in about 20 min.

Our cows are grass fed in the summer and grass/alfalfa hay fed in the winter. We do provide alfalfa pellets, molasses, flax and rolled oats/bran (and other non-GMO / non-soy supplements) as a treat while milking and for supplementation, but it is not the main bulk of their diet.
A full share is $50/month and provides 1 gallon of fresh milk a week; we also have half shares available.

Cow Milk Shares

Cow Milk Shares